Treats Locker

A Passion for Baking and Sweet Treats

We are two girls (well maybe women now….baahaa) with a passion for baking and sweet treats.  The passion has always been there tugging away and now we’ve decided to share that passion with you, because sharing is caring…right?!.  We also love to gift our loved ones with all our goodies and have done so in the past.  So, what was once a hobby has now become Treats Locker!

Why now, we hear you ask? Well the truth is, we create these hampers on an annual basis for family and friends to gift on Eid.  Our families love love love them and it’s the one thing they look forward to receiving. They kindly show off their hampers to their friends/followers on their social media pages and we are then inundated with messages asking us where we bought them from.  Well after five years of people asking, we have accepted your requests and we are delighted to bring you Treats Locker!

We hope you enjoy what we bring to you and are always open to ideas, suggestions and feedback so please drop us an email and we’ll be sure to check it out!